If you don’t shop from Paula’s Choice, you should because a) they make my favorite no frills 2% BHA gel with the right pH and b) these sassy reviews of Lush products:

"Coalface assaults skin with sandalwood and rosewood oils plus sodium lauryl sulfate and genuine coal powder. Washing your face in the fireplace would be preferred to this product."

"Angels on Bare Skin contains lavender and rose oils, and is not recommended. This recipe claims to be from the Middle Ages, which to our way of thinking is not a positive selling point! Back in those days, life expectancy was drastically short and bloodletting was the pinnacle of medicine!"

If only I could achieve that level of brevity and sass

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Never like their tacky clothes anyways

What the hell

bye zara

What the actual fuck

I’m not even surprised by this shit anymore.

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contemporary art 

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Rules: Answer the questions and tag at least 10 people.


Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least 10 followers.

  • Name: Becqkjy
  • Nickname: do I have a nickname? that isn’t the name I go by? cos my name’s Rebecca? Le Meowsterious Pastry Squee-whirl Chat
  • Birthday: remember remember the… 6th of November
  • Gender: girl? cat? Hello Kitty
  • Sexuality: bisecula but most of the time I am to attracted 2 ppl but I am sometimes but I don’t have any experience and don’t pursue any1 u dig
  • Height: 5’6”-ish (sometimes I grow sometimes I shrink, I compare myself to my mom. or maybe she changes height. she is a ruler obvs)
  • Time zone: EST
  • What time and date is it there: 11:02 on August 27th
  • Average hours of sleep: lol there is no average time I sleep or go to bed at… I want ot say 8 but it is sometimes a little less, but on my reset (to “normalize” my sleeping schedule) days I could sleep more because I skip out on sleep and then go to sleep and it’s not restful but kind of scary b/c I know I’m sleeping but I can… see that I’m thinking/dreaming. Is that just dreaming. is it hallucinating. is it lucid dreaming. idk. anyway, I nap the next day sometimes, it could be more hours of sleep. TLDR
  • OTPs: me and pastries, me and cats, me and pastry cats… me and someone whose clothing I can steal
  • First word to come to mind: honey
  • Last thing I said to my family: I said something like “I think I need a real alarm clock” to my dad, in Russian, to my mom idr but I was probably laughing @ her
  • One place that makes me happy and why: idk what happiness is!!!!!!1! nob ut 4 real. what comes to mind is the beach, its relaxing anyway. or botanical gardens
  • How many blankets do I sleep under: in the summer 1 or 2, depending if I have the air conditioner on; in colder seasons it’s 1 duvet
  • Favourite beverage: tea!!!!!!1! am boring

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I tag… whoever wants to do this

why the hell isn’t my printer PRINTING

school truly is starting thx 4 the anxiety

i have a test first thing tomorrow morning GR8 i was right i knew it. well it’s because the head of the dept let me know about it last semester. anyway. I’M NOT PREPARED BUT I’M READ 2 LOSE SLEEP OVER IT

pls pray i do not get placed in polish teacher’s class

Title: Bits to Bits Artist: David Bowie 469 plays


Hitting an 8-Bit loooooow!

I came home and started making more. MOOOOARRRRR! 

I’m also gonna put these up on Rapidshare for you folks to download if you’d like.

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If they’re holding, he’s asleep. If we go back to the hotel for a few minutes, he’s asleep. We’ve mic’d him while he’s been snoring. He sleeps any time he can.

#homie has narcolepsy tho

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Oh god I forgot that I applied sunscreen on the back of some European stranger dude

He asked me I could help him as I was lying down 2 chill in the sun (ikr) and in the split second that it took me to hear and process I realized it’d be weirder to make a thing of it then to just do it

Luckily he didn’t bother me after that

Went grocery shopping after the beach and when I got home I realized several items were missing from my bags

Went back to the store

So embarrassing 😒


Set design illustration by Jean-Jacques Sempé for Les Parapluies de Cherbourg at the Théâtre du Châtelet

I am awake at a normal time

I ate, showered, and now going 2 the beach



The Crown of 14 Towers

shut. upppp

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I googled ‘swimming pigeon’ once and I still haven’t recovered from this picture



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